"A Vintage Year for Insider Trading is an enjoyable romp through wine country with high-powered lawyers, rich techies, and a talking sheepdog."

​—Stephen M. Murphy, author of ALIBI, ABOUT POWER and THEIR WORD IS LAW: Bestselling Lawyer-Novelists Talk About Their Craft.

Elizabeth R. Monnet​ Author   

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“Toe-curler, tongue-in-cheek drama set in deepest, darkest Wine Country and the far reaches of Silicon Valley, with convincing and tense court-room scenes. And you just gotta love the Aussie dog!”

 —Ian Sidey, Sonoma resident​

“ I just finished A Vintage Year For Insider Trading and it was sensational. When I read the chapter where the sheepdog appears before the Sonoma Wildlife Council, I fell over laughing. I said to myself "Aw RIGHT!" Then and there I decided to spend the balance of the day engrossed in the story -- no Baseball, no Football -- just Sonoma, the critters, the cast, the courtroom, the twists and turns, and the courthouse pigeons blessing the Philip Burton Federal Building in San Francisco. I knew Phil Burton, and his brothers, pretty well and I'm sure John and Bob will hear of it and applaud.” 

— JAMES W. SCHOCK, novelist, screenwriter and author of The Bridge, A Celebration

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Photo of Aussie Jim Monnet by Tina Marie Rossi

​​“ I loved this book! The author's portrayal of Silicon Valley is hilariously accurate. An engaging read with a fun twist at the end.”   

— L.J. Pfeifer, former councilmember, Sausalito City Council.