Elizabeth Monnet and voice actors Doug Kerr (left) and George Bereschik (right) reading A Vintage Year For Libel And Slander at Readers Books, Sonoma,  January 2020. Photo by author's husband Bill Monnet.


​“As if losing a $50 million engagement dollar ring isn’t bad enough, Harold and Deidre become targets of vicious online conspiracy theories that nearly ruin their careers and lives. Can they stop these lies or does the First Amendment mean they have to endure online abuse? With humor, mystery, and a dose of canine common sense, Monnet deftly explores the human consequences of unbounded speech in a Vintage Year for Libel and Slander.”
— Helen Sedwick, author of Coyote Winds and Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook

You need to read this charming book.  “A Vintage Year for Libel and Slander” is a great follow-on book from the first novel.  It kept me reading with enthusiasm and interest from the beginning right through to the end. This novel takes readers through the legal aspects of the story’s legal issues -- libel and slander in this case, better than my professor did in law school.  The employment of animals as characters brings a new charm to the human mystery story.  Sit back in an easy chair with a glass of wine and blend right into the adventure.”
— Leon Huntting, former Mayor, Sausalito.


"A Vintage Year for Insider Trading is an enjoyable romp through wine country with high-powered lawyers, rich techies, and a talking sheepdog."
— Stephen M. Murphy, author of ALIBI, ABOUT POWER and THEIR WORD IS LAW: Bestselling Lawyer-Novelists Talk About Their Craft.

“ I loved this book! The author's portrayal of Silicon Valley is hilariously accurate. An engaging read with a fun twist at the end.”   
— L.J. Pfeifer, former councilmember, Sausalito City Council. 

“ I just finished A Vintage Year For Insider Trading and it was sensational. When I read the chapter where the sheepdog appears before the Sonoma Wildlife Council, I fell over laughing. I said to myself "Aw RIGHT!" Then and there I decided to spend the balance of the day engrossed in the story -- no Baseball, no Football -- just Sonoma, the critters, the cast, the courtroom, the twists and turns, and the courthouse pigeons blessing the Philip Burton Federal Building in San Francisco. I knew Phil Burton, and his brothers, pretty well and I'm sure John and Bob will hear of it and applaud.” 
— James W. Schock, novelist, screenwriter and author of The Bridge, A Celebration

​“Toe-curler, tongue-in-cheek drama set in deepest, darkest Wine Country and the far reaches of Silicon Valley, with convincing and tense court-room scenes. And you just gotta love the Aussie dog!”
— Ian Sidey, Sonoma resident​

​​​​Elizabeth R. Monnet​ Author   

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