​​​​Elizabeth R. Monnet​ Author   

Sheepdog Sidney novels are available at Readers Books (Sonoma), Sausalito Books By The Bay (Sausalito), Book Passage (Corte Madera), Amazon and Apple Books. 

Sheepdog Sidney, the Australian Shepherd made his debut in A Vintage Year for Insider Trading (2015). ​Sidney reappears in A Vintage Year For Libel and Slander (2019).

Sidney has told Author Elizabeth Monnet that, from feedback received from readers, he is everyone's favorite character. 

​Sidney is concerned that it takes Author 4-5 years to write a novel featuring him. He worries that his fans will forget him. 

He has also learned from the Avian Network that more humans are now working from home with their pets. Other humans are adopting new pets. Sidney thinks that these pets need his sheepdog wisdom about how to manage their humans.  

After listening to Sidney, Author agrees that Sidney should publish a blog. Sheepdog Sidney's website and blog is now available.